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  • Authors Make Case for Engaged Scholarship in Social Work Research Methods Guide

    Kala Chakradhar
      • Developing Community-Appropriate Sleep Apnea Messaging Through Appreciative Inquiry and Boot Camp Translation: A Qualitative Study

        Tristen L. Hall, Matthew J. Simpson, Griselda Peña-Jackson, John M. Westfall, Donald E. Nease, Jr.
                    • Interactive Mapping: A Method for Engaged Community Assessment

                      Jennifer Marshall, Cedrick Ade, Emma Hume, Concha Prieto, Jennifer Winston, Carlene Geffrard, Shruti Kaushik, Nicole N. Martin-Bynum
                      • An Urban Partnership: Embracing Collaboration and Feedback

                        Kasey Dye, Margaret Wallace, Krystal Thompkins, Sande Dawes
                            • Motivations of Older Veterans and Dependents in a Physical Activity Program

                              Candace S. Brown, Ismail Mustafa Aijazuddin, Miriam C. Morey
                                    • Video Games and Learning About Climate Change

                                      Garrett W. Richards, Michael Long
                                      • Keeping the Promise of Community-Based Participatory Research: Integrating Applied Critical Rhetorical Methods to Amplify the Community’s Voice for Trial Development

                                        Richard A. Mocarski, Joshua C. Eyer, Debra A. Hope, Heather M. Meyer, Natalie R. Holt, Sim Butler, Nathan Woodruff
                                          • A Community-Engaged, Team-Based Approach to HIV Care and Research in the Mostly Rural Deep South

                                            Safiya George Dalmida, Pamela Payne Foster, George C. T. Mugoya, Billy Kirkpatrick, Kyle Rhoads Kraemer, Frenshai Bonner, Jasmine Merritt, Laurie Ann Martinez
                                            • Telling Our Stories Together: How Universities and Community Partners Co-create Engaged Scholarship

                                              Taylor Armer, Katelyn McCoy, Bethany Verrett, Alexandra Williams, Kristin Menson, Marybeth Lima