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  • Impact of Service Learning: High School Students as Health Coaches for Children

    Laura Nabors, Kristen Welker, S. Elisabeth Faller
          • Building Equitable Community-Academic Partnerships for Opioid Recovery Research: Lessons Learned from Stakeholder Engagement With Peer and Provider Organizations

            Jon N. Gilgoff, Eunsong Park, Julvette Price, Tiffinee Scott, Tyrell Moyd, Katie Rouse, Gabby Knighton, Jodi Jacobson Frey, Nicole Mattocks, Erika Shook, Michelle Tuten, Jay Unick, Fernando A. Wagner
              • Teacher Use of School Connectedness Strategies With Underrepresented Youth in a Low-Income Middle School

                Deborah E. Tyndall, Mitzi C. Pestaner, Shannon B. Powell, Travis E. Lewis, Carlos R. Melendez
                        • The Perils and Promises of Public Scholarship

                          Michael Rifenburg, Matthew Boedy
                            • Dedication to Community Engagement: A Higher Education Conundrum?

                              Nicole Nicotera, Nick Cutforth, Eric Fretz, Sheila Summers Thompson
                                                • Expanding Engagement Opportunities at a Large Land-Grant Research University: The Engagement Ecosystem Model

                                                  Khanjan Mehta, Irena Gorski, Chang Liu, Suzanne Weinstein, Chas Brua, Adam Christensen