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  • Our Journey into a CBPR Project: Health and Nutrition Solutions in the Alabama Black Belt

    Yawah Awolowo, Debra Clark, Darlene Robinson
      • Cultivating Equitable Partnerships Through Cultural Synthesis

        Eric Conrad, Meghan Shewmake, Courtney Shows, Jen Nickelson
        • An Engaged Community-Academic Partnership to Promote Positive Youth Development

          Kristin Haglund, Angela Ortiz, Johanna De Los Santos, Mauricio Garnier-Villarreal, Ruth Ann Belknap
            • Community-Based Participatory Research and Sustainability: The Petersburg Wellness Consortium

              Maghboeba Mosavel, Jodi Winship, Valerie Liggins, Tiffany Cox, Mike Roberts, Debra S. Jones
                • Community Engagement in Academic Health Centers: A Model for Capturing and Advancing Our Successes

                  Karen Vitale, Gail L. Newton, Ana F. Abraido-Lanza, Alejandra N. Aguirre, Syed Ahmed, Sarah L. Esmond, Jill Evans, Sherril B. Gelmon, Camile Hart, Deborah Hendricks, Rhonda McClinton-Brown, Sharon Neu Young, M. Kathryn Stewart, Laurene M. Tumiel-Berhalter
                      • Partnering to Reduce Colon Cancer Health Disparities Among the American Indian Population in Michigan

                        Noel Pingatore, Angela Lewis Precht, Georgetta Alverson, Glenn Copeland, Betty Jahnke, Andrea Dwyer, Robey B. Champine
                              • The Challenge of Censored Participants in Community-Based Research

                                Janine E. Janosky, Qing Sun, Susan B. Laird, Anna Kostura
                                • Leveraging a Community-Based Research Approach to Explore Research Perceptions Among Suburban Poor and Underserved Populations

                                  Melissa A. Simon, Daiva M. Ragas, Colin Willis, Nadia Hajjar, XinQi Dong, Kara Murphy
                                  • The Spoken Word Project: Using Poetry in Community Dialogue and Mobilization for HIV Prevention

                                    Malika Roman Isler, Gaurav Dave, Heather L. Jones, Doris Stith, Tiarney Ritchwood, Turquoise Griffith, Leslie Atley, Giselle Corbie-Smith
                                      • Field Notes From Jail: How Incarceration and Homelessness Impact Women’s Health

                                        Louanne P. Keenan, Cybele Angel, Rebecca Martell, Diane Pyne, Rabia Ahmed
                                        • Forming a Rural Health Partnership Network

                                          Karl Hamner, Paul Kennedy, Tim Wolfe
                                          • Perspectives on Initiating Community-Based Participatory Research Partnerships

                                            Emily Zhang, Seblewongel Yigletu, Hannah Lieberman, Karen Kosinski, Ravali Mukthineni, Diane McLeod, Barbara Rubel, Shalini Tendulkar
                                            • Community Engagement, Trust, and Genetic Testing for Inherited Diseases Among Adopted Persons

                                              Kaija L. Zusevics, Kimberly Strong, Michael McCauley, Alison La Pean Kirschner, Jessica Jeruzal, Samantha Wilson, Carmen Knight, Thomas May
                                              • Visions of Collaboration: The GirlPower Photovoice Project

                                                Christina R. Miller, Zermarie Deacon, Katie Fitzgerald
                                                  • Twenty Years of Experience in Service-Learning at The Ohio State University College of Medicine

                                                    Douglas M. Post, Firuzan Sari Kundt, Eileen Mehl, William A. Hudson, Linda C. Stone, Franklin R. Banks