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  • Organizing Community Change: STD/HIV Awareness in a Greek Student Body

    Naomi Sleap, Allyce Heflin, Adrian J. Archuleta, Wendy P. Crook
        • University-School Partnerships: 10 Lessons Learned Over the Past 10 Years

          Danielle C. Swick, Joelle D. Powers, Janet Cherry
          • Creating Community for Women Veterans Through Social Networking Organizations: A Secondary Analysis of Team Red, White, and Blue New Member Surveys

            Kate Hendricks Thomas, Caroline M. Angel, Nicholas J. Armstrong, Michael S. Erwin, Louis P. Nemec, Brandon B. Young, John M. Pinter, Blayne P. Smith, Justin Tyler McDaniel
            • Motivations of Older Veterans and Dependents in a Physical Activity Program

              Candace S. Brown, Ismail Mustafa Aijazuddin, Miriam C. Morey
              • Using Community-Based Participatory Research to Assess the Needs of HIV-Related Services for Infected Individuals in Rural Communities

                Elizabeth Brown, Charles Brown, Owen Johnson, Wendelyn Inman, Revlon Briggs, Wanda Burrell, Rosemary Theriot, Elizabeth Williams, Alexis Heaston
                        • Developing Community-Appropriate Sleep Apnea Messaging Through Appreciative Inquiry and Boot Camp Translation: A Qualitative Study

                          Tristen L. Hall, Matthew J. Simpson, Griselda Peña-Jackson, John M. Westfall, Donald E. Nease, Jr.
                          • Military Culture and Its Impact on Mental Health and Stigma

                            A. Ganz, Chikako Yamaguchi, Bina Parekh, Gilly Koritzky, Stephen E. Berger
                                • Knowledge Mobilization, Citizen Science, and Education

                                  Bryce Gunson, Brenda L. Murphy, Laura J. Brown
                                  • The Co-produced Pathway to Impact Describes Knowledge Mobilization Processes

                                    David Phipps, Joanne Cummins, Debra J. Pepler, Wendy Craig, Shelley Cardinal
                                        • Keeping the Promise of Community-Based Participatory Research: Integrating Applied Critical Rhetorical Methods to Amplify the Community’s Voice for Trial Development

                                          Richard A. Mocarski, Joshua C. Eyer, Debra A. Hope, Heather M. Meyer, Natalie R. Holt, Sim Butler, Nathan Woodruff
                                            • A Community-Engaged, Team-Based Approach to HIV Care and Research in the Mostly Rural Deep South

                                              Safiya George Dalmida, Pamela Payne Foster, George C. T. Mugoya, Billy Kirkpatrick, Kyle Rhoads Kraemer, Frenshai Bonner, Jasmine Merritt, Laurie Ann Martinez
                                                  • Training Patient Stakeholders Builds Community Capacity, Enhances Patient Engagement in Research

                                                    Hannah Cole McGrew, Lidia Regino, Molly Bleecker, Maria Tellez, Blanca Pedigo, Denisse Guerrero, Virginia Sandoval, Loida Varela, Janet Page-Reeves