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  • Effective Community Engagement Strategies: The Voices of Injection Drug Users

    Elizabeth D. Gilbert, Devin Laedtke, Teresa A. Sharp, Stephanie Wood, Lisa Raville
    • Exploring the Readiness of African American Churches to Engage in a Community-Engaged Blood Pressure Reduction Research Study: Lessons Learned From the Church Challenge

      Ariel Vincent-Doe, Rodlescia Sneed, Tamara Jordan, Kent Key, Sarah Bailey, Bernadel Jefferson, Patrick E. Sanders, Allysoon Brewer, Jamil B. Scott, Kahlil Calvin, Monicia Summers, Bridget Farmer, Vicki Johnson-Lawrence
      • Finding the Community’s Voice: Community-Based Participatory Research in Three Iowa Counties

        Tera R. Hurt, Soyoung Park, Margaret C. O'Connor, Chanelle Murtha, Maya Bartel
        • Interactive Mapping: A Method for Engaged Community Assessment

          Jennifer Marshall, Cedrick Ade, Emma Hume, Concha Prieto, Jennifer Winston, Carlene Geffrard, Shruti Kaushik, Nicole N. Martin-Bynum
          • Dedication to Community Engagement: A Higher Education Conundrum?

            Nicole Nicotera, Nick Cutforth, Eric Fretz, Sheila Summers Thompson
              • “All Voices Matter”: Perspectives on Bridging the Campus-to-Community Gap

                Keisha D. Ivey, Kaleb Murry, Deanna Dragan, Marcus Campbell, Jacqueline Maye, Christopher Spencer
                  • Navigating the Triumphs and Tribulations of a University-Community Children’s Mental Health Partnership: Reflections on the First Year as Told by Graduate Students

                    Bianca D'Agostino, Amanda Krause, Amy Klan, Briana Goldberg, Jessica Whitley, Maria Rogers, David Smith, Michael Hone, Natasha McBrearty
                    • Valuing the Aspirations of the Community: The Origins of a Community–University Partnership

                      Jake D. Winfield, Sara Fiorot, Catherine Pressimone Beckowski, James Earl Davis
                      • Developing a K-12 Rural School System Wellness Policy through Community Engagement

                        Joseph A. Brosky, Jr., Mark R. Wiegand, Alana Bartlett, Tiffany Idlewine
                        • Understanding the Impact of the $100 Solution™ on Community Partnerships

                          Jami L. Warren, Sarah E. Kercsmar, Allyson B. DeVito
                                • Cooperative Extension Builds Community Capacity Through Inclusive Engagement

                                  Martha C. Monroe, Alicia Betancourt, Sandra K. Thompson, Dreamal Worthen
                                                • Partnering Academics and Community Engagement: A Quality Enhancement Plan for a Diverse and Non-Traditional University

                                                  Antoinette R. Miller, Keith E. Miller, Scott Bailey, Margaret Fletcher, Antoinette France-Harris, Sipai Klein, Rosario P. Vickery
                                                  • Using Community-Based Participatory Research to Assess the Needs of HIV-Related Services for Infected Individuals in Rural Communities

                                                    Elizabeth Brown, Charles Brown, Owen Johnson, Wendelyn Inman, Revlon Briggs, Wanda Burrell, Rosemary Theriot, Elizabeth Williams, Alexis Heaston