Instructions for Manuscript Authors

JCES encourages submissions to allocate authorship credit based on individual disciplinary conventions. All questions related to authorship should be negotiated prior to submission to JCES.

The editorial board of the Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship (JCES) invites the submission of manuscripts that relate to its mission: to provide a mechanism through which faculty, staff, and students of academic institutions and their community partners may disseminate scholarly works from all academic disciplines. A goal of the publication is to integrate teaching, research, and community engagement. All forms of writing, analysis, creative approaches and methodologies are acceptable for the journal.

Manuscripts that demonstrate central involvement of students and community partners and that advance community engagement scholarship will be given favorable consideration. Manuscripts should be free of racial, religious, gender, ethnic, or any other form of bias. Manuscripts submitted are for the exclusive publication in JCES and must not have been simultaneously submitted elsewhere. Submission of a manuscript implies commitment to publish in this journal. Authors submitting manuscripts to the journal should not simultaneously submit them to another journal. Nor should manuscripts have been published elsewhere in substantially the same form. Authors in doubt about what constitutes prior publication should consult the editor.

Inquiries and submissions should be e-mailed to Dr. Nick Sanyal, JCES editor, at At this time, hardcopy submissions are not accepted.

Presentation of the Manuscript

Manuscripts should be typed double-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman in Microsoft Word with a separate cover page. Article length, except in rare instances, should not exceed 25 pages including text, tables, and references. Tables should be on separate pages at the end of the manuscript with instructions to indicate their placement. Submit graphics and images as separate JPEG files, being sure to indicate, in the manuscript, where they should be placed.

The abstract and cover pages are not included in the page count. The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (5th or 6th edition) is the official style and reference guide. Guidelines may be accessed here.

The separate cover sheet must contain the name(s), affiliation(s), and other identifying and contact information (address, phone numbers, fax numbers, and e-mail addresses) for each contributing author. Additionally, authors should include four to six keywords at the bottom of the cover sheet. All identifying information or references to the author(s) must be removed from the manuscript. Manuscripts that include identifying information will not be reviewed prior to correction. Each manuscript must also include an abstract of 150 words or less that summarizes the major themes of the research. Manuscripts not meeting these criteria will be returned to the author before being sent out for review.


JCES Sample cover sheet

Primary/corresponding author:
Jane Doe, Ph.D., MS
Assistant Professor
Marie Curie School of Public Health
The University of Anonymous
Curie Hall
Anytown, LA 99999
(999) 999-9999 (telephone)
(999) 999-9999 (fax)

Second author:
James Smith, MA
Anonymous Center for Cultural Arts
Anytown, NY 99999
(999) 999-9999 (telephone)
(999) 999-9999 (fax)


Authors are required to submit written permission to reprint from the original publisher any quoted material of 300 words or more from a single source; any quoted material from a newspaper, a poem, or a song (even a phrase); and any table, figure, or image reproduced from another work.

Images should be JPEGs, 300 resolution, no larger than 6 by 9 inches. Most will be smaller. While we will use mostly black and white images, please send your images as RGB color so that we will have the option of color. All photos must have captions. Embed the captions in the photo under File Info (a pull-down option in Photoshop). If you are unfamiliar with this option, send the captions as a separate document.

Please include both a regular and masked version of your manuscript. The masked version should use brackets to indicate masking of particular identifying information. For example, do not refer to The University of Alabama as the location of your service-learning project. Instead, refer to the [university]. This will help to protect your anonymity and preserve the integrity of our peer- review process. Our reviewers are aware that brackets indicate masked information.

Once your submission is received, it will be assessed to ensure that it meets our basic standards, including APA style, number of pages, cover page, and inclusion of a masked copy. If these standards are met, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your manuscript number. Please use this manuscript number in all correspondence regarding your manuscript.

Your manuscript will be assigned to two reviewers based on corresponding interests. We match each manuscript as closely as possible to the expertise of the reviewers. Our reviewers are nationally recognized in their area of scholarship and have chosen to volunteer their time to JCES. As such, we are unable to guarantee a specific expedited timeline for the review of your manuscript. However, we make every effort to return manuscripts in a timely manner consistent with thorough scholarly review.

Every manuscript is also reviewed by our editor. This final review process takes about two weeks. If we determine that the manuscript should be revised and resubmitted, you will receive an e-mail detailing the requested changes. Authors are typically asked to make their revisions within one month.

Please feel free to contact us at any point. We will be happy to provide you an update on your manuscript status or answer any questions.

For information about the review process, click here.