JCES Vol. 8 No. 2

Message from the Editor

Outreach and Engagement Staff and Communities of Practice: A Journey from Practice to Theory for an Emerging Professional Identity and Community

Responsible Engagement: Building a Culture of Concern

Youth Engagement—Engaging for a Change: Changing for Engagement

Expanding Engagement Opportunities at a Large Land-Grant Research University: The Engagement Ecosystem Model

Hear Our Voices: Case Study Connecting Under-Represented Communities to Research Legislators on Safe Routes to School and Active Transportation

The Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine by Adults and Children in the South

“Let Us Pick The Organization”: Understanding Adult Student Perceptions of Service-Learning Practice

Helping Diminish the College Knowledge and Access Divide: Development of a College Outreach Camp to Serve Community Needs

Enactive Environmental Justice Through the Undergraduate Classroom: The Transformative Potential of Community Engaged Partnerships

From The Field: Can Our Service Change Us? Bringing the Classroom to Service Learning in the Southern African Kingdom of Lesotho

Community Voices: Reducing HIV-Related Stigma Among Undergraduate Students: A Collaboration Between the University of Alabama and West Alabama AIDS Outreach

Student Voices: Some Powerful Event: Civic Engagement And Storytelling as Tools for Addressing Privilege

Book Review: Community Engagement: A Natural Evolution of Higher Education’s Traditional Missions of Service

Book Review: The Application of Publicly Engaged Scholarship to Graduate Education

Book Review: On Becoming Change Agents in Education through Service-Learning and Empowerment

Book review: University Engagement for Community Economic Development: The Role of Anchor Institutions