JCES Vol. 6 No. 2

JCES Receives ESC Sponsorship, Names Nick Sanyal Reviewer of the Year and First Associate Editor

Nick Sanyal of the University of Idaho Named First Associate Editor of JCES and Reviewer of the Year

Collaborating for Improved Delivery of Health Care Services in the Horse Racing Industry: A University Interdisciplinary Program

Revitalizing the First-Suburbs: The Importance of the Social Capital-Community Development Link in Suburban Neighborhood Revitalization —A Case Study

Making It Real Through Transformative Scholarship, Service-Learning, and a Community-Based Partnership for HIV Education in Alabama

A Network of Community Partners Representing Multiple Communities: Developing a Tool for Matching Community- Engaged Scholars with Community Partners

Service-Learning Program Institutionalization, Success, and Possible Alternative Futures: A Scholarly Perspective

Macro Community-Based Practice: Educating Through Community-Based Action Projects

The Best of Times, The Worst of Times: Antecedents for and Effectiveness of Community Engagement in Two Small Rural Towns

AcademIK Connections: Bringing Indigenous Knowledge and Perspectives into the Classroom

We Built It, They Came, Now What?

Valuing Every Voice in Community Engagement and Other Social Movements

Sustainability Education: Possibilities Across Higher Education

Going Beyond Merely Providing Expertise and Services